1888– In a town council meeting on September 7, 1888, town committees were approved to purchase necessary equipment to start up the fire company, and to begin building the first firehouse in North Wales
1889– Sylvester Bright. a North Wales carriage designer and builder constructed 1 hand drawn hose carriage. Cost of $54.50
1891– A second hose carriage was purchased by the company at a cost of $225.00

1910– Company purchases new horse drawn chemical wagon, builder unknown.
1913– Purchased Buick for a hose cart
1914– Purchased Nash chemical engine
1920– Purchased 500 GPM Loco mobile
1924– Fire Company buys a new Chevy-Roadster Chief’s car to speed response time of chief to fire scenes.
1926– Borough of North Wales buys 2 Hahn Pumpers
1927– Purchased Model T Ford Curtain Side Truck
1929– By years end, policy differences, area growth and new demands plus equally divided manpower from Lower Gwynedd prompted volunteers to rename company, set new goals, new training policies, and seek offical charter.
1930– January of the New Year saw the company with a new name. The North Penn Volunteer Fire Company. The state of Pennsylvania also granted the fire company a charter to serve Lower Gwynedd Township, North Wales Borough and a portion of Upper Gwynedd Township.
1930– North Penn Volunteers buy two brand new American LaFrance pumpers.
1946– Brand new 1946-Ford Pumper is purchased and housed.
1947– Fire Company relocates from original fire station at 3rd and Montgomery to a brand new station on Main St.
1949– A brand new open cab 1000GPM American LaFrance pumper is housed.
1951– Saw the addition of the company’s first Aerial Ladder Truck, a 65ft American LaFrance that also had pumping capabilities.
1957– Fire company buys a brand new custom made pumper from the Hardwick Manufacturing Company of West Point Pa
1962– 1950 Chevy panel style truck purchased from the Wissahickon Fire Company of Amble for us as a fire police vehicle.
1966– A brand new Ford Econoline is purchased for Fire Police use.
1966– July saw the company take delivery of a new Ford Tilt Cab pumper built by Hahn Motor Company.
– A brand new hi-capacity custom built Hahn pumper was put into service and remains in active service today following extensive refurbishing in 1987.
1975– Fire company sells old 62ft aerial ladder to West Grove Fire Company in Chester county and buys a brand new 100ft American LaFrance Century Series Ladder Truck.
1977– A Hammerly Ford Tilt Cab attack pumper takes its place in front-line action.
1980– Fire Company adds a rescue/cascade truck built by K & S coachworks.
1982– Purchased a 1974 International/Pierce 250 GPM Mini-Attack Pumper
1984– Lower Gwynedd Substation dedicated at Foulkeways in Gwynedd.
1986– Millipore Inc. a local business, donates a brand new GMV van for use as new fire police vehicle.
1987– Growing number of fire and rescue calls create a need for new pumper and new rescue truck. Company sells outdated Ford-Hahn Pumper, converts it lightweight K & S rescue truck to an air supply truck, and purchases a brand new Pierce combination and rescue truck (Squad 62)
1992– Purchased a KME Renegade MFD 1250GPM Pumper.
1994– Purchased a GMC Suburban (SRL) QRS/Squad Vehicle.
1997– Purchases a Simon/LTI 75ft Quint 1500GPM Pump 450 Gallon Tank
1998– Purchased 1962 American LaFrance Ladder for parts.
1998– Purchased Dodge Ram 350 Van for Special Service.
1999– Purchased International/SCWAB 1998 Cascade/Utility Vehicle.


2000– Lower Gwynedd Township donates old police vehicle for Chief’s Vehcile.
2005– Purchased 2005 Chevy Tahoe for Chief’s Vehicle.
2007– Refurbishes and rehouses Bertha
2007– Receives donation of Chevy Tahoe from Lower Gwynedd Township Police and is placed into service as a Fire Police/Personnel Vehicle.
2008– Purchased a Seagrave Marauder II w/1500GPM Dual Stage Pump
2010– North Penn places an order for their new replacement vehicle, QRS62
2011– The new QRS62 is placed in service July 25th, and in a few hours, runs it’s first call